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"Royal Ritz"  2005 AQHA Gelding   16hh


This guy is gorgeous from every angle and he is just as sweet as he is handsome. Ritz had a very successful
AQHA Circuit career as a junior horse with a Youth Performance ROM and Circuit Championships. He earned:
Novice Youth HUS 25.5 pts, Youth Hunt Seat Eq 12.5 pts, Youth Halter 10.5 pts, Open Green HUS 2 pts,
Open Halter 1 pt
We purchased him for my daughter to show and she moved out shortly after so Ritz has hung around here ever
since. We buy and sell horses for a living but Ritz has been one of our personal family horses which makes him
extra special. This guy NEEDS to be back in front of the judges. What a waste to let him sit! Ritz is currently
in work, slick, and ready to return to the rail. This gelding can TROT - he just hangs his head and throws those
legs out there as flat and pretty as you could ever ask for. Gorgeous loper too! He is solid as an HUS horse and
can even slow it down for a respectable go in wp if you wish. Patterns! If you enjoy doing them, this guy is a
great horse for you! In his time away from the AQHA circuit, Ritz has been started over fences and jumps a
respectable 2 3 course with changes that are coming along well. Dressage is certainly something this gelding
could excel in as well.

Ritz is as sweet a horse as you will find and a mean thought has never crossed his mind. He comes running to you
in the pasture & gets along with EVERY horse you introduce him to. He is so gentle with other horses that, as I
type this, he is babysitting a geriatric blind horse in his pasture. His ground manners are EXCELLENT and he is
perfect for the farrier as well as clipping. Ties, cross ties, bathes, sprays, trailers, tacks up quietly, longes, &
an easy keeping guy! Sound in every way with no vices of any kind. Ritz requires NO medical maintenance - no
injections, chiro, etc. He has not been pounded down the show road, used-up, or soured. Vet checks are
encouraged and always welcome.

Ritz has the kind of personality that you fall in love with. He will turn himself inside out for a graham cracker
and is always happy to see people. The thought of not having him in our barn saddens me but I also cannot stand
seeing such a quality animal just stand around.

Come out and meet Ritz in person! You will not be disappointed. He is a great mount for an intermediate or
better rider. (too many buttons for beginners!) The teenaged youth rider looking for a competitive mount on a
budget can go far with this guy!

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"Bailey"  12yr old Grade Paint Mare   15.1hh


If you've been searching for that big bodied trail horse, here she is! Bailey is a beast of a mare that can pack
larger riders with ease. Her large frame takes up a ton of leg so if you thought you needed a taller horse, think
again! This mare is a solid trail horse that isn't phased by much of anything. She crosses water, is traffic safe,
and does not spook. Bailey has a lot of handle and a lot of ride with a solid neckrein. Much like a big, overstuffed
couch, this mare is comfortable with a short lope you can sit all day long. She's awfully easy on the eyes too.

Bailey has excellent ground manners. She clips, bathes, ties, cross ties, sprays, trailers, and tacks up easily. She
is easy to catch and will meet you at the gate. No vices.

Please note that this mare does toe in in the front. Proper farrier care is all that is required, nothing special. It is
a long way from a crisis but we don't want someone driving hours to see her or shipping her out of state only to be
surprised that she toes in. See close up photo on her photos page (link above).
CLICK HERE for Video                                    CLICK HERE for More Photos
"Parpasser Bar"  2006 AQHA Gelding 15.3+hh
(Sonny Parpasser X Adair Par Bar)

This is a big, shapey gelding with all of the pretty a person could ask for. Turtle is a kind boy that will fit
well into most families. Easy to handle, easy to ride, and easy on the eyes, this gelding has a nice handle with
an honest neckrein. He is solid on the trails and goes out alone without hesitation. Turtle is the very definition
of a "packer"  Take him out alone or in a group, hit the trails or head down the side of the road. Traffic
safe, motorcycle safe, and he LOVES the water! This gelding will be the same every time out. You'll see
where he got his barn name from!  When the other horses you are riding with decide to canter off, Turtle will
wait for you to ask him to join them and, if you choose not to join in the cantering, he is just fine with that!
He is not a horse that needs to race up to be with the group. He'll mosey along on the trail ride at the pace
you ask him to without any objection.

If your family is on the hunt for an all around using horse that everyone can enjoy, please contact us and
make an appointment to come meet Turtle. This guy is big enough to accommodate larger and taller riders
easily. He is kind and sane enough for your younger cowboy or cowgirl to use on the trails or in the arena and
a great "guest horse" for your not so horse savvy visitors. Excellent ground manners, tacks up quietly,
trailers super. Sound & Sane with no vices.
"Shining Little Cat"  2011 AQHA Mare  14.3hh
(Little Cat Olena  X  JCM Shining Belle)

This is one spectacular little mare and the possibilities are wide open! "Dunny" is my personal horse and
parting with her was not in my long-term plan; however, our new farm has us busier than we ever imagined
and this mare is far too talented to hang around in the pasture waiting for me to have the time to take her
out. My loss is your gain! This is a sensible young mare that rides wise beyond her years.

Dunny has not been pushed and is ready to get serious with her next owner. She has an excellent foundation in
reining, has been started on cattle, and has hacked out on the trails for good measure. This is an easy and
uncomplicated mare to get along with and ride (and quiet enough that we let our 5yr old grandson ride her!) If
you are looking for a well-bred, pretty, and talented mare, here she is!

Dunny's sire is a son of High Brow Cat (who needs no introduction) and Bonnie Tari, an NCHA 3yo Open
Futurity Finalist and the dam of earners totaling over $136,000. Little Cat Olena has NCHA earnings totaling
$55,300 and an impressive resume that can be seen here:
Dunny's dam is a daughter of Moorehouse Ranch's Seven S Shining Gold who is sired by none other than the
great Shining Spark!

Under saddle, this mare is as honest as they come. She has a soft easy lope and speed when you ask for it.
Her spins are coming along well as are her rollbacks. She has a great stop, a good mouth, and is SMART!
Started on changes. On cattle, Dunny is sensible and quiet in the herd. She has been worked on them slowly
and has never been pushed. This mare enjoys cow work. We will try to get a video of her on cattle soon (we
do not have our own cattle so must haul out to practice). Dunny's under saddle career has included a fair bit
of trail riding to keep her fresh and she enjoys nothing more than riding out into water!

This mare is sound and sane with no vices of any kind. Vet checks are welcome. Dunny is currently in work and
will remain there until sold.
"Arya"  10yr old Grade Spotted Saddle Horse Mare  14.2hh


We've owned a lot of gaited horses but this little mare here may be the one that has impressed us the most!
Arya is one very broke girl. Not only is she gorgeous and as smooth as silk under saddle, this girl has got a
SUPERB handle. Arya neckreins on a shoestring and if there is any doubt, just watch her video. When you drop
her bridle she'll show you just how well she knows her job. If you have a lesson barn that utilizes gaited mounts,
consider adding Arya to your program. She knows her job and she does it well. Arya does not get "hot" and has
an immediate and excellent whoa. She is super for teaching and SAFE.

On the trails, Arya is a smooth ride and very enjoyable. If taken out alone, she does look to her rider for
reassurance when faced with something new (see video for example on the trail). Just tell her its ok and ask her
to continue forward - no big fit or whirl and bolt. She is much less suspicious of strange things on the trail when
she is with another horse or horses. She doesn't bat an eye at much of anything when she is out with a group!
Traffic safe, crosses water. Anybody can ride this mare in the ring and a confident beginner or better will be
fine on the trail with her. Sound, Sane, No Vices of any kind!
"Mary"  14yr old Grade Spotted Saddle Horse Mare  14.2+hh


Look at this fancy girl! Mary is a gorgeous bay tobiano SSH mare that stands 1/2" over 14.2hh. Easy to handle
both on the ground and under saddle, Mary is a fun ride to hit the trails with this summer! This mare trail rides
alone without objection, is fabulous in a group, crosses water, and is a solid trail riding citizen. She is smooth
under saddle and gaits along easily. Mary does not get hot and has a great mouth - she direct reins and neck
reins and goes in a plain snaffle or an Argentine (western snaffle). Sound & sane, no vices. Clips, sprays, bathes,
trailers well, tacks up quietly.

In the ring or on the trail, this is a nice little mare for just about anyone to ride. If you know the basics, you
should be able to get along with her just fine. Mary is traffic safe and is a true packer for your company when
they visit. She is every bit as kind as she is pretty!
"Galileo de La Tierra"  2000 Paso Fino Gelding  14hh
(Capuchino X Astromelia de La Victoria)

This guy may not have the "tall" part going on but he sure does have the "dark" and "handsome" parts down pat! This
is "Galileo" and he truly is the very definition of classy. If you like to stand out in a crowd, this is the guy for you!
Our long-time customers and friends know that we deal predominantly in stock horses, driving minis and ponies, and a
smattering of Walkers and Saddle Horses. However, we do have a great appreciation for Pasos and this guy is one
of the nicest boys we've had the pleasure to work with. What a doll!

This guy is a super little trail horse! Galileo goes out alone without hesitation and is fabulous in the woods. He
crosses water (and rather enjoys it), is not spooky, and seems to thoroughly enjoy the view. Not only is this gelding
a fancy and steady trail mount, he is as smooth and comfortable a ride as you could ask for.

Galileo knows his job and he does it well. There is more to this gelding than a fancy trail ride. We do not pretend to
understand the workings of the Paso Fino show ring but we do know that Galileo knows that it is time to strut his
stuff on the rail and he "turns on" the moment you enter the gate. If you are a Paso enthusiast, perhaps you could
take this boy to the ribbons! We don't have a show record in hand but we'd wager he is no stranger to the blues!
Born in Puerto Rico, sired by legendary Hall of Fame Stallion & PFHA Horse of the Millennium "Capuchino" and once
owned by a Paso Fino Hall of Fame trainer - this gelding comes by his looks and talent very honestly.
Sound, sweet, handsome, talented!
***Please note that Galileo does crib mildly. We have only noticed it when he is out of hay and waiting on his feed
and he isn't obsessive about it but it must be noted***
Come out and take him for a spin! We dare you to not smile when you ride him! What fun!
"Barry"  6yr old Grade Red Dun QH Gelding  14.1+hh

SOLD! Congratulations to Tommy!

This cutie is a great little trail horse & a fun ride! Barry goes out alone or with others and is solid going down the
trail. Traffic & mailbox safe, this gelding also LOVES water so if you like to swim with your horse, he will be happy
to oblige! This gelding is great to work with and around. Easy to catch, quiet in the cross ties, great with his feet,
good to clip, tacks up quietly, and rides off no muss, no fuss. Barry has a little bit of speed when you ask for it too!
If you enjoy kicking it up a notch when you hit an open stretch on the trail, Barry is quite happy to oblige and motor
right along. He does not get hot and comes right back down to a walk when you're done.

Please take a moment to watch his video. You won't see quite as much trail footage as we normally have simply
because the deer flies are out in force and we fully on attack while we were filming! While ring work is not really
where this guy shines, we did ride him walk/jog/lope there just to show his movement a bit better.

Barry is sound and sane with no vices.