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"Chipped In Sparkles"  2008 AQHA Appendix Gelding  16hh
(Chipped In Chocolate  X  KCS Sparkling Chip)

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$10,500 - Contact us for Terms on this show gelding!

Chip is the total package and ready to keep you in the blues all season. This gelding is a western
pleasure and horsemanship pro and is uncomplicated to ride. Chip is NOT a trainer maintenance required
horse. He is honest and straightforward under saddle making him an excellent mount for the amateur or
youth exhibitor that wants to do more on their own. He is bred right, trained right, drop dead gorgeous,
and a true people horse. No vices, sound and sane in every way. Superb ground manners - no need for a
ridiculous amount of warming up on the longe line to compete. While he has been worked and shown in
western pleasure and horsemanship, this gelding is fully capable of being competitive in HUS as well. He
has a big flat kneed trot and profiles beautifully. If you are looking for a truly competitive all arounder
that will not break the bank, check out this gelding. Chip's video was recorded on his first time in that
indoor arena and during he and his rider's first ride together. He is wearing a simple Argentine snaffle
bit and had no warm up with forks/draw reins. This is Chip all natural with no tuning. Vet checks are
welcome and terms may be available. Please come out and meet this guy in person. His combination of
dashing good looks, natural talent, and people-loving disposition make him very easy to fall in love with!

We really cannot say enough about this horse. We have hauled him to multiple strange indoor arenas and
he just goes to work, no muss, no fuss. This guy does Showmanship too!  

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"Gi Gis Desert Smoke"  2001 APHA SPB Buckskin Gelding   15hh

SOLD! Congratulations to Robin in Delaware!

We don't come across geldings like this boy every day! Smokey is a buckskin beauty that is registered
APHA as a Solid Paint-Bred but he certainly qualifies for papers with IBHA if his next owner is so
inclined. This handsome guy is a trail horse deluxe. He goes out in a group or alone and will go wherever
you point him. Water crossings, heavily wooded trails, hills, etc. Smokey has been there and done that.
If you want to stand out at Otter Creek this season, we suggest that you sit on this handsome buckskin

Smokey is an total sweetheart who loves to be doted on. He gets along very well in a herd situation and
is currently out with mares as well as another gelding. He is low in the pecking order and seems content
there. He is quite the clown and can be found carrying his grain dish around at anytime (you know, in
case someone wants to offer him a treat).
This easy keeping guy is a big fan of treats but is always respectful. He is a pro at making his lips
contort if he thinks you might have something. Smokey is easy to catch, ties, cross ties, picks up his
feet, tacks up quietly, and trailers nicely. He is barefoot with good legs and feet. This guy may have
worked nicely on the longeline once upon a time but those days are over. Now, he will go around
grudgingly a few times and then look at you pitifully to ask why you are chasing him. This is a tack and
go horse. He is far too lazy to require ground work before riding.

Under saddle, Smokey is smooth and a cute mover. He profiles very nicely and we think he would look
really nice in English tack. We will get a better video as soon as footing allows or we make a trip to the
indoor. For now, we have a short walk/trot video on very slick snow. Smokey is sound, sane, and quite the
snuggler. Our only complaint with this guy is that he is really not a fan of the vet so vaccines and
bloodwork are best done quietly and quickly.
"What About Lunch"  1999 AQHA Gelding   16.1+hh
(What About Mr Bob  X  As How Nice)       

Big, pretty, talented, friendly, safe, sane, sound! You really just can't ask for much more in a gelding! Elliot is an
overgrown Labrador that knows his job inside the ring and out. He has been there and done that. No spook and no
nonsense. This gelding has been used for lessons, rides English & western, has done some jumping, and loves to
trail ride. If you are looking for a big fun guy that can sit and then ride off like he hasn't missed a day, this is
your boy!
This gelding has a HUGE stride and is very smooth. He is a bit lazy in the ring so good legs and a little set of
spurs aren't a bad idea to get the most out of this guy on the rail. (See video - 1st ride in a month, strange
indoor arena, 5'1" rider with no spurs.........he sure isn't a ball of fire!) Out on the trail, Elliot moves out with a
bit less effort on his rider's part. He seems to enjoy hacking out and is a solid mount to enjoy the scenery with.

This gelding will make an excellent horse for a timid rider. He has a superb disposition, all the pretty a person
could ask for, and years of experience. He really is the whole package!  Elliot is HYPP N/N and has no vices.
"Kate" & "Ruby"  5 & 6yr old Mini Molly Mules   38" tall


Kate & Ruby are just the nicest team of mini mules you could ever ask for! They are very well broke to drive as a
team and are 100% traffic safe. They are also capable of taking you through the drive through at McDonalds if
you wish! This young team was broke out right. They are truly a pleasure to handle and drive. Both Kate & Ruby
are extremely friendly and inquisitive. They walk and trot in hand, tie, clip, and pick up their feet very nicely.
While not perfectly matched in color (they are more similar in their summer coats) these two look fabulous driving
together. We've seen quite a few mini mule teams over the years but we have never seen a team as nice overall as
these two girls are! Kate & Ruby are offered FOR SALE as a team only and we absolutely will not separate them so
please do not ask. We will be driving them here and using them in the woods until they are sold!

NEW driving video so be sure to check out the link above and many new photos on their photo page!
"Black Magic Glow"  2011 AQHA Mare   Currently 15hh
(Unforgettable Glow  X  Shez A Zip Oh Too)      


If you are looking for a fancy spring show project, here she is! Maggie will "officially" be 3yrs old in February and
this is a youngster that was started right. She hasn't been pushed and she is going to make a gorgeous all around
mount. This mare should pleasure and make a cute little hus mount as well. While only 15hh at the moment, we
think that this girl is a late bloomer and she has a bit more growing to do. When she is all done going up and filling
out, she is going to be smashing! Maggie has a good mind and a superb disposition. She is friendly, has excellent
ground manners, and is generally just good and sensible under saddle. Please take the time to watch her video
s above). Both were recorded in strange indoor arenas. She really is a laid back mare.

This mare has a solid walk/jog/lope/stop/back and is even started neckreining. Her takeoff to the lope isn't always
the smoothest (she goes better to the left than the right) but her gaits are smooth and comfortable and she
carries herself well.
Maggie was born in California. You can check out her baby video
Her sire, Unforgettable Glow, can be seen HERE.

Maggie was trained by one of our favorite trainers in North Carolina. We have owned many a horse from that barn
and they never disappoint! This mare is sane and sound with no vices of any kind. Don't miss out on this black
beauty at a GREAT price!

UPDATE! Buyer defaulted on payment so this gorgeous girl is back on the market!  Here is a new video recorded on
4/7/14. This was Maggie's first day back at work since winter vacation (which started in January)  Remember that
this mare is only 3yrs old!  Her weakest area under saddle are her takeoffs into the lope so that is what we
worked on:
 1st Day Back At Work Video
"Blackjack"  11yo Grade Pony Gelding    14hh

SOLD! Congratulations to Elisabeth & Family!  Blackjack will now reside in Vermont!

If you are looking for a versatile lesson or family pony, you need to come and meet Blackjack. This guy may not be
the fanciest horse on the property but he sure is fun to ride! Be sure to watch his video - 1st ride of the spring,
round as an apple, and on slick footing - still a good boy! Blackjack has spent his life in upstate NY and is ready
for a new family. He has hung out here with us for the winter and we can't say enough about him. He is respectful
of electric fence, is good in a herd, is easy to catch, and is an easy keeping guy.

Under saddle, Blackjack is VERY smooth and easy to sit. He rides both English and western, has a true neckrein,
picks up his leads, and loves to jump. Blackjack has also trail ridden many miles and is good with traffic as well as
water. LESSON PROGRAMS!!!! This pony is a great size for a variety of riders! This is an awful lot of pony for not
a lot of money so take advantage! Blackjack is sound and sane with no vices.
CLICK HERE for Video
(First ride of the spring!)
"Flashy Serenade"  3yr old AQHA Buckskin Mare   15.1hh
(Executive Flash  X  TLB Serenade)


This could be the most beautiful equine that we have ever owned and that takes some doing! There isn't a single
photo that can do this mare justice. She really must be seen in person in order to be fully appreciated. This 3yr
old mare is Incentive Fund enrolled and is an absolutely gorgeous mover. She has an excellent start under saddle
and could go in any number of directions in the show pen. We would like to see this mare in a reining career and
perhaps doing some ranch horse pleasure. The judges will LOVE her! Sara is a sane and sound mare with no vices.
She was started right by a World Class trainer and hasn't been pushed. This really is a once-in-a-lifetime girl!
Sara is very friendly, easy to catch, tacks up quietly, works well on the longeline, is good for the farrier, and has
a very nice handle. She works very nicely in a simple snaffle bit and is started neckreining.

This mare's good looks and ability are the result of the proven breeding program Brunner & Beauvais. See their
HERE. Sara's full brother is Luke N Flashy, the 2010 RQHBA Yearling Gelding Futurity winner.

This is a solid young mare that can go far in the right hands. Come out and meet her in person!