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"Jackie Highbrow"  2003 AQHA Mare   14hh
(Dudes Highbrow Joe X Sally Lou Baron)
SOLD! Merry Christmas to her new owner!

There's just something about little red mares! Isn't she a pretty thing?!?! Jackie is one awfully pretty cow bred
AQHA Mare with everything in the right place and all the pretty a person could want. She is an AWESOME trail
mount and will go anywhere you want all by herself or in a group. Point her head and she'll take you there!
Water, wildlife, traffic, mud, hills, dogs, atvs - we've thrown it all at her and the mare is truly an unflappable
trail horse. Fall is here and it is time to get out and enjoy the cooler weather and gorgeous autumn colors.
Jackie is the mare to do it with. This is a nice mare to work with and around. She tacks up quietly and rides off
with no nonsense. Sound & Sane. No vices of any kind. She's raised foals (and actually just weaned one!) but this
mare is far too young to spend the rest of her days just raising babies. She needs to be enjoyed under saddle!
Arena work is fairly new to this mare but Chris is putting her through her paces in the ring every day and will
continue until she is sold. She is a fast learner and very willing. There could be a little more in this mare's
future than trail riding if you want to play with her a bit!
***Please note that Jackie does have an old fence injury on the right side of her neck. It is purely cosmetic but
it is there and must be mentioned. We have her mane moved over in her photos so that it is visible. ****

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"PH Fistful Of Roses"  2005 AQHA Mare  15.1hh
(Brickyard Thunder X Fistful Of Pebbles)
Pedigree Link                                                                                                    
SOLD! Congratulations to the Windsor Family!

They sure don't come much prettier! This mare looks good from any angle whether she's standing in the pasture or
riding under saddle. April is correct with everything in the right place and wearing the prettiest dappled buckskin
coat you'll find! Want to get noticed everywhere you ride? This horse will sure get it done!
April is a very broke girl with an honest neckrein and easy gaits. Her lope is naturally slow and is truly a rocking
chair ride. If you want to show a little open show pleasure, this mare will do it. Trail riding is what April is a pro
at and she is one heck of a fancy trail riding partner to head out with. This mare goes out alone willingly with no
barn sour nonsense. She is happy to go along at whatever pace you like and if you lope a stretch, she comes right
back to a walk without hesitation. April crosses water, mud, and is sensible. If you ride up on something that she
finds concerning, she will stop - just push her forward and that's the end of it - no big performance. Watch her
video. It was recorded on April's first ride on our trails so you can see how she handles all the new sights,
including the rather terrifying bridge just after our pond! This buckskin beauty is sound and sane with no vices. She
is clean legged and blemish free. April is not for true beginners as this mare is very broke with buttons. You do
need to know the basics to ride a horse like this or you'll find yourself asking for moves you didn't mean to!
CLICK HERE for Video                                CLICK HERE for MORE PHOTOS
"Illusions Goldenagent"  2002 APHA Palomino Gelding   15.3hh
(Bright Illusion X Skips Gentle Joy)

SOLD! Congratulations to Doug in Louisiana!

Such a HANDSOME boy! Monster is so named not because of his disposition (he is a kitten) but because of his
SIZE! He sticks 15.3hh but he is so big bodied that everyone just assumes he is bigger. The boy is a beast!
Don't let his size intimidate you - Monster is a very sweet boy and very honest under saddle. He has trail ridden
hundreds and hundreds of miles and he is a rock solid mount. Monster will go anywhere and everywhere you point
him with no hesitation whatsoever. He goes out alone or in a group and is both brave and sensible on the trails.
Water, thick brush, mountain trails - you name it, he does it. He's big enough to pack most any rider with ease!
This is one super broke gelding with a superb neckrein and very comfortable gaits. While his walk is ground
covering with a big stride, his jog is pitter-patter soft and extremely comfortable to sit. Likewise, Monster's
lope is easy and smooth. You can truly ride this horse all day at any gait and thoroughly enjoy him. Monster has
been used to rope both in the pasture setting and as a head horse as he spent a few years boarded in a roping
barn. His downfall as a head horse is that he is slow! GREAT horse to swing a rope off of though - you can
master the basics with a rope from his back with absolute confidence. This gelding is sound and sane with no vices
of any kind. He is EXCELLENT to work with in his stall, in the cross ties, wherever. There really is nothing to not
love about him. He is pretty tolerant of just about any rider making him a versatile horse to have in the barn!
"Walter"  9yr old Grade Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding    15.2hh

SOLD! Congratulations to Daphne!

Walter was a victim of a cloudy day photo shoot but he's still pretty darned cute in these photos! This is a big 'ol
Walking Horse gelding that is a sweetheart. Great trail horse! Walter has a good deal of size with great bone
and a solid build. This gelding willingly goes out alone and rides well with others. He crosses water and is a good
sensible trail riding partner. He isn't looky/spooky and genuinely seems to enjoy the ride. Walter is an easy horse
to get along with in the stall, in the cross ties, and under saddle. He is smooth under saddle and willingly canters
off when asked. Sound with no vices. Come out and take him for a ride - you're sure to enjoy him!.
CLICK HERE For More Photos                                   CLICK HERE for Video
Calicos Promotion   2012 APHA Chestnut Overo Mare  15.1hh
(Calicos D Invitation X Miss Flashy Promoter)

SOLD! Congratulations to Mike & Maureen!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this filly! I really can't say it enough. We love good-minded youngsters here and this one
is outstanding as is her brother. Young horses aren't for everyone but we are hard pressed to imagine anyone
not getting along with Flashy. Some horses are born to be youth and amateur horses and this is one of them.
She is an angel, plain and simple. Flashy loves people and is as sweet as they come. Drag her out into
whatever commotion you find - she's content to just take in the sights and stand with you. Park her in the
crossties and fuss over her as long as you like, walk away and leave her there. She won't paw and carry on,
she'll just wait for you to come back. Let's talk about eye appeal. This mare is gorgeous - absolutely
gorgeous all the way around with a kind & eye intelligent eye. She has a big 'ol belly spot too so she does
have overo APHA papers. If you don't want all the splashy color but like having regular papers, here she is.
She has all the chrome she needs.
This young mare has 90 days under saddle and she is as willing a horse as you could ask for. She is spur
broke but you do NOT have to be a mechanic to ride her - simple simple. Watch her video and bear in mind
the following: I (Bridget) have a whopping 29" inseam and I am NOT wearing spurs on purpose. If you
can't/don't care to ride a spur horse, you can ride this mare. If you don't have the leg to wrap around and
pick one up, you can ride this mare. We shot this video after she had been standing around eating alfalfa for
2 weeks - there you have it. No schooling in draws or forks, no riding for an hour before we recorded.
That's Flashy just the way she is out of the stall. She has a naturally low headset and is a fantastic jogger.
Great start at the lope and very comfortable to ride. This mare is clean and sound with no vices of anykind.
She is currently barefoot and stands 1/4" shy of 15.1hh on the concrete. If you are an amateur looking for
an easy one to bring along or have a teenager that is ready to bring up a junior horse, please consider
Flashy. You won't be disappointed. Vet checks are always welcome
CLICK HERE for Video                                          CLICK HERE for More Photos
Just Bit Ya  2012 APHA Gelding  15.1hh
(Calicos D Invitation X Just Mist Ya)

SOLD! Congratulations to Mike & Maureen!

What a fancy boy this guy is with a heart and mind to match! His sire is a Multiple World Champion, Futurity
Winning, and Superior earning sire and his dam is an ROM earning daughter of Mr Mac Reynolds. Bit was bred to
pleasure and he knows it! With 120 days under saddle, this 3yo shows lots of promise and is as easy as he can be
to work with. Superb disposition! Bit loves people and is always looking for someone to come over and fuss over him.
He is inquisitive and good-natured making him a truly fun horse to have in the barn.
Under saddle, this guy is easy and uncomplicated to ride. He is spur broke but you do NOT have to ride him that
way. Please watch his video - I (Bridget) have a 29" inseam and purposely rode him without spurs so that everyone
can see how he goes "spur free" with someone who doesn't have the leg to wrap around him. In other words, short
folks like me can sure get this guy around the pen just fine! Smooth as can be under saddle, Bit's lope is coming
along nicely and he can both jog and TROT if you want to do some all around. Like his 1/2 sister (also currently in
the barn) this guy was born to be a youth or amateur horse. Going out to ride this guy is never a chore and always
enjoyable - no nonsense. Bit is sound and sane with no vices of any kind. This gelding is slick, fit, and on track to
make his show pen debut this coming spring! Now is the time to bring home your next superstar. Having a horse
like him around will surely make the winter much more pleasant! Vet checks are always welcome!
CLICK HERE for More Photos                             CLICK HERE for Video    
"Doc's Pocket Change"  2005 TWHBEA Registered Bay Tobiano Mare  14.3hh
(Doc's Spirits Injector X Kalyee's Lady Coin)


FANCY FANCY FANCY! Miss Dolly is a very striking mare when she is standing still....... saddle her up, let her
stroll, and she is even MORE gorgeous! What a mover! If you are a serious trail rider and appreciate sitting on a
very broke and very flashy horse, here is your girl! Dolly can cover some serious ground and she loves to trail
ride. A forward moving girl, this horse is better suited to someone who enjoys going along at a good clip than
someone who wants to amble along slowly. Dolly will walk and she is by no means "hot" but she likes to stride out
and will be appreciated best by those accustomed to gaited horses and their faster pace on the trails. No spook
and no nonsense, Dolly very willingly rides out alone or in a group. She is great with water, wildlife, mud, and
uneven terrain. SMOOTH ride and she'll canter off nicely on either lead when asked. Sound and sane with no
vices, this mare would be a great addition to any TWH barn. She has raised a few foals and can certainly do
double duty as both a trail mount and a broodmare. Dolly rides great in the arena setting as well. Come see her
in person! Photos don't do her justice!
ANB Red Pine Cadet  2012 ApHC Gelding  14.3hh
(Mighty Red Pine X Mokena Star)

One of the coolest horses we've had the pleasure of owning! A few years ago, we had the honor of owning another
youngster from Lightening's breeder and we were equally impressed with her. Quality always shines through! This
young gelding has a solid year of reining training under his belt and he's ready to find a home with someone who wants
to compete. He has his Performance Permit with ApHC and his NRHA License. This boy is ready to go out and show!
Please watch his video - Chris just happened to be schooling him and we happened to have the camera handy.
Lightening DOES NOT have sliders on the back so keep that in mind when you watch. This horse is truly a pleasure to
handle and ride. He is soft and responsive with a beautiful frame under saddle. Correct spins, clean changes, rates
beautifully at the lope, a PERFECT head set, and a solid stop. Watch him jog around on the rail! If you want to do
some reining and the ranch pleasure, he's your horse and he'll put you in the points for sure! You do not have to be a
reining master to get a nice performance out of this gelding. He's a straightforward guy under saddle and there are
no tricks to getting along with him. He is as comfortable a ride as you will find. Lightening also has superb ground
manners and you can essentially do anything to him that you like in the crossties. Sweet boy! His talent is no accident.
He is sired by ApHC Reining sire, Mighty Red Pine (a son of the Legendary Great Red Pine and his dam sports the
winning combination of Docs Solano and Doc Tari. If you are looking for an Appaloosa reining horse to hit the pen with
next season, here he is! You'll be hooked after one ride! Sound, sane, absolutely no vices of any kind. Vet checks
always welcome.