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"Eyes Dee Hot Rod"  2011 AQHA Mare   15.1hh

SOLD! Congratulations to Ellen from North Carolina!

There is absolutely NOTHING to not love about this filly! This mare is so grounded, sensible, and easy to ride,
you forget that she is truly still a baby. DeeDee doesn't have "baby fits" and handles/rides like horses 3x her
age. Started under saddle at 3yrs of age, DeeDee has a solid under saddle foundation and she is a fast study!

If you are looking for an amateur or youth friendly all around mount, you have found her. This mare profiles
beautifully and she is a smooth, natural mover with comfortable gaits that are pleasurable to spectators & rider
alike. DeeDee has been started as a western pleasure horse and has a perfect jog, a consistent lope, and a
naturally low head set. While not exceptionally tall at 15.1hh, don't count this mare out for the HUS classes.
DeeDee can trot BIG and is a shoe in for all around competition.

Please take the time to watch her fall video and while watching, we ask you to keep in mind the following:
DeeDee's video was recorded on her first ride in our ring, in muddy/sloppy conditions, and after sitting with not
so much as a longeline workout for 4 weeks due to weather/schedules. This video is DeeDee, just how she rides
cold - no schooling first, no forks or draw reins, no mechanics. Likewise, be sure to watch her NEW spring ride
video. It has been a busy winter and DeeDee has spent much of it sitting. They don't get much more honest
than this young mare!

In addition to her talent on the rail, this mare has also been trail ridden. Not only does she handle the new
sights and sounds of the trail like a seasoned veteran, this mare truly seems to enjoy hacking out. DeeDee is
traffic safe. Her good looks and natural movement are items that she comes by honestly. Her sire is Hocus
Pocus Hotrod, a World & Congress Champion Sire. You can read more about this stallion's accomplishments here: Her dam is a daughter of Supreme Performance Champion
Sire, Dandys Dee Bar.
DeeDee is sane and sound with no vices of any kind. She clips, bathes, ties, cross ties, tacks up quietly,
trailers, stands for her rider to mount, and rides off quietly with no longeing required. You won't find youngsters
like this girl every day! Come out and take her for a spin! This mare never disappoints!

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"Jethro"  4yr old Grade Red Dun Gelding  15.1hh

SOLD! Congratulations to Tom from Virginia!

This gelding may not be the fanciest horse in the barn but he sure is one of the kindest! Jethro is a young gelding,
just coming 4, that was born to be a steady trail mount. There just isn't much that phases this guy. Hack him out
alone with confidence - just point him in the direction you want to head. Mud, water, hills, downed trees, brush -
Jethro goes over and through whatever the woods can throw at you. Do you share the trails with ATVs? No worries
with this gelding! Whether you meet one head on or one comes up from behind, this guy just stays the course. No
spook, no bolt, no nonsense. Jethro may be young but he is as laid back as you will find. Do you need to go down
the road and/or by the pasture of neighing, running horses up the street? No worries - this boy is steady and does
not feed off of other horse drama or get rattled by vehicles.
On the ground, this guy is just as easy to get along with. Jethro is easy to catch, ties quietly, tacks up easily, and
stands like a gentleman when you mount up. In turnout, Jethro is low in the pecking order and is a drama free guy.
This gelding is barefoot, sound, and sane with no vices of any kind.
This gelding has a good mind. Be sure to watch his videos! The gunshot video was his first shooting experience and
shows just how well Jethro handles new and admittedly scary things. If you're looking for a steady trail mount, you
need to come out and take Jethro for a spin!
We do have a video of Jethro as a trick roping mount on our Facebook page as well!
"Hans"  9yr old Grade Roan Pony Gelding   11hh

Oh to find a pony like this every day! Hans is that ever-elusive little guy that is FABULOUS to both ride and drive
and an excellent size! At 11 hands tall, Hans is small enough for children to do many things with independently but not
so small that he will be outgrown in 6 months. This is a patient pony both on the ground and under saddle. His ground
manners are excellent and he is safe for your child(ren) to lead, groom, tack, and learn with. Under saddle, Hans is
a great little guy and will SAFELY take your pint-sized rider from leadline to walk/trot. Our little star rider, Trevor,
is only 5yrs old and still learning to trot. He can independently walk, trot, stop, and back this pony while navigating in
a large open area.

While his riding ability alone is enough to make us love this pony, this guy is also an AWESOME little driving pony.
Hans has been privately owned by friends of ours and we know with absolute certainty that he has not been driven in
a very long time prior to coming here. How did he do his first time hitched here? Watch his driving video and see for
yourself. This plucky little gelding is a professional in the cart! He harnesses and hitches easily and drives like a
dream. Does your 4Her want to start driving? This is the pony to do it with. Hans has an EXCELLENT mouth and is
as light as can be on the lines. Walk, park gait, road gait, stop, back - he does it all with ease. Hans navigates
effortlessly around obstacles and will happily hack out on a trail with the cart as well.

If you are looking for a pony that the entire family can enjoy, here he is! Sound, sane, NO VICES of any kind! Come
out and take him for a spin!
CLICK HERE for Video                                    CLICK HERE for More Photos
"Don't Take My Hotrod"  2006 AQHA Gelding 15hh
(Hocus Pocus Hotrod X Potentially Taken)

What an adorable youth or amateur western show gelding this guy is! Cute is the word that we use to describe
this boy - look at that face!

Rodney has been shown successfully as an open show mount and at futurities such as the NSBA World
Championship Show, MQHA Futurity, and NEISCA Futurity (2010 Champion). This guy is a little western
pleasure professional and is well started in showmanship and horsemanship as well. His lead change is also
coming along nicely!

Rodney is a very honest show horse for your youth rider. Easy to pilot, Rodney will go around the pen with or
without spurs - you don't have to be a mechanic to get this little guy looking good on the rail! No spook, no
buck, no nonsense under saddle. Rodney rides the same inside the pen and outside. Not only is this gelding a
doll under saddle, he also has super ground manners.

Rodney has great stall manners and is equally happy turned out. He pastures well with both mares and
geldings and is the first to come to you in the pasture. Catch him where you find him every time! PLEASE
NOTE that when stalled, Rodney does occasionally crib. It is well-controlled with a cribbing collar and he
does NOT crib outdoors.

This gelding is slick, fit, and ready to show! Bring your youth rider out and take him for a spin - you will not
be disappointed!
"Lillies Easy Bar"  2008 APHA Mare  15hh 1/2"
erleesphantomwhiz  X  Its A Stormy Overo)

Easy's name is very appropriate! This mare is easy to own, easy to ride, easy to get along with, and easy to
love! She is just a doll that is willing to please! A "point and go" mare, Easy is solid on the trails and goes
wherever her rider asks without hesitation. She also works well in the ring and looks good both on the rail and
on the trail. No spook and no nonsense. Suitable for essentially any rider, this mare is simple to ride and
goes both English and western. She is a great choice for the 4Her in need of an all around mount. Sound &
sane with no vices, Easy's stall manners are excellent. Sweet on the ground, Easy will stand in the cross ties
all day for you to fuss over her. In turnout, this mare is simple to catch and gets along well in a herd
situation. She is a great mare with plenty of pretty, a superb disposition, user-friendly buttons, and a great
price tag! Come out and take her for a spin!

"How Do You Do"  2008 ApHC Mare  16hh    HYPP N/N
(Always Dignified  X  Dominating Rita)
SOLD! Congratulations to Bob from Hendersonville, North Carolina!


This accomplished show mare is offered for your consideration. Chanel is a true all around horse and is ideal
for the person who would like to show all day and not bring three horses to the show. She is bred to halter
and perform and her show record speaks for itself. Chanel has her Performance Permit and has ApHC Points
in the following: Non-Pro & Open Halter Mares, Non-Pro & Open Hunter In Hand Mares, Open Senior Hunter
Under Saddle, Non-Pro Hunt Seat Equitation, Non-Pro 35 & Over Hunt Seat Equitation, Non-Pro Hunter
Under Saddle, Non-Pro Western Horsemanship, and Non-Pro Western Pleasure. In addition, this mare is a
Reserve Canadian National Champion in Hunter In Hand and has numerous Top Tens as well. Chanel can TROT!!!

This mare's good looks and talent are a family tradition. Her sire, Always Dignified, is THE Leading Sire of
Appaloosa Halter Horses and is a Leading Sire of Performance and Hunter In Hand Horses. You can read
about his incredible accomplishments
The cross between Always Dignified and Dominating Rita, Chanel's dam, has proven time and again to be a
winner. Chanel's FULL siblings include National Grand Champion "
And How", La Pavarana's Multiple World &
National Champion "
How Dignified", and the up and coming "Howd U Do That" owned by the James H. Wild
Trust and currently raking in the blues!

Chanel is sane, sound, very well trained, and absolutely beautiful. She is a pleasure to work with and around  
and uncomplicated to ride. She is easy to maintain and fit and a very sweet mare with no vices of any kind.
SAFE and SOUND for youth or non-pro riders! Be sure to watch her video!  This mare can sit for months,
come out of the pasture, and RIDE!