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"Mr Buzzs Shadow"  9yr old APHA Gelding   15.2hh


Check this fancy guy out! It isn't often that we find a horse with this much eye appeal AND a great handle! Buzz
has both and he is simply AWESOME! He is a teenager horse DELUXE! This fancy boy is broke western as a
good all around using horse but we sure wouldn't mind seeing him in English tack also! Buzz is a very nice mover
and at only 9 years old, he can certainly expand his riding resume to include more of the English disciplines!
This handsome tovero gelding has excellent ground manners and is easy to work with and around. He stands in
the cross ties, tacks up quietly, sprays, works well on the longeline, and stands nicely at the mounting block.
Under saddle, Buzz is rather versatile. If you want to just go for a leisurely ride, Buzz is happy to oblige and
go along at an easy pace. His "I'm not in a hurry" lope is TO DIE FOR and comfortable enough to sit all day
long. If you would like to kick it into the next gear and go a bit faster, this handy gelding has a little bit of
speed as well. Regardless of how fast you are going, when you say "whoa" this boy's brakes are immediate (best
be sure you are sitting back!) He will stop and stand quietly every time for as long as you ask. Buzz has a true
neckrein and a good mouth. He has light sides and is very rider responsive. Trail riding, ranch pleasure,
playdays, sorting - Buzz is a great all around horse! He has too many buttons for a true beginner rider but he is
easy to ride for the rider who knows the basics or better.

This gelding is sound and sane with no vices. A word about the marks on his left hip - Poor Buzz had a bit of an
unruly neighbor horse who raked his teeth over Buzz's haunches. While we hate to ruin pretty photos with
scrapes on that white coat and want nothing more than to edit the marks out, they are there and need to be
visible to our customers. They are superficial and will heal quickly enough.

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"One Sweet Par Te"  8yr old AQHA Mare  15.1hh   
(Chipin X Sonnys Magic Te)      
SOLD! Congratulations to Daniel!

All the pretty you could ever want wrapped up in a gorgeous buckskin package! This mare has everything in the right
place and she is a sweet girl! Te was broke for western pleasure and shown at the open show level as a junior horse.
Since then, she has raised a foal and been trail riding. Pick the direction you want to take her in from here!

Te is easy to ride with a natural rocking chair lope. She'll need a refresher to return to the pleasure pen but if
you're going to spend the winter polishing one up, you may as well polish up something that will be SPECTACULAR
when you're finished! This mare is bred to pleasure and look good doing it. She is sired by Reichert's Superior
Western Pleasure stallion, Chipin, and she is out of a Sonny Go Te bred mare.

If you just want to hit the trails, you can certainly do it in style on this girl. She'll get you noticed everywhere you go!

Te is sound and sane with no vices of any kind. She is a big bodied girl and appears taller than she actually is
because of it. If you enjoy ranch pleasure, don't count this mare out as a potential mount. Her naturally easy way of
going makes her a great candidate!  Te is a sweet girl that is easy to get along with whether you are on the ground
or under saddle. She loves people & is a good girl both in her stall and turned out with the herd.
"Cisco"  7yr old Grade Quarter Horse Gelding    15hh

SOLD! Congratulations to Laura of New Woodstock, NY!

Cisco is the kind of gelding that we get requests for all the time! This handsome buckskin guy is just a good using
horse. Cisco has plenty of handle and is just a fun guy to ride! If you are looking for a horse that you can have fun
with on the trails and maybe take out to a sorting or a playday, this is your guy. On the ground, Cisco couldn't
possibly look less enthusiastic or energetic. He will stand tied for HOURS if you ask him to and you can fuss over
him any which way you want. He just doesn't care what you do. In fact, you'd swear that he was just an old plug
that walks at a snail's pace on a ride but that is definitely not the case! Under saddle, Cisco has far more
animation than he does on the ground. He is a fun boy with a big reach and a respectable motor. This gelding
moves right out and would be a fun horse for the teenage 4Her or the adult that likes to hit local gymkhanas &
sortings as well as the trails. Although Cisco isn't going to be turning in any 1 or 2D barrel times, he will certainly
put in a good showing. While he does have a good motor, there is nothing hot about this gelding. When you ask for
"whoa" it is consistently instant. Just drop your reins and he will walk off like he is supposed to.

Cisco is a sound and sane gelding with no vices of any kind. He is a handsome boy with the potential to suit a
variety of riders!
"Dolly Delta"  14yr old APHA Mare  14.3hh
(Jay Bar Freckles X Flying Sal)

This is one seriously fun little mare! Dolly is very well broke and she knows just what to do whether you are on the
trail, chasing cows, or chasing cans! This mare handles with ease and is very sensible. If you want to ride quietly
along the trail, Dolly is happy to oblige. When it is time to kick up the speed, just ask and Dolly will gladly turn it
up a notch. She has plenty of miles and knows what is expected of her!

We took this mare to sorting practice at Licciardello Farm in New Jersey. Be sure to watch the video! I (Bridget)
haven't sorted cows in years. Chez, the other rider in our video, hasn't ridden a horse in years. Dolly more than
made up for our rustiness and put in a very respectable performance! This mare is very comfortable working cattle
and that is no accident. She is sired by National Champion cutting stallion, Jay Bar Freckles and out of a daughter
of NCHA Super Stakes Open Champion, Delta Flyer.

Dolly is sane and sound with no vices. She is responsive with a solid neckrein and works very well off of her
haunches. There are no tricks to riding this mare and an advanced beginner with the desire to start speeding things
up will be just fine riding Dolly. Team penning, sorting, ranch pleasure, trail riding, gymkhana - for the rider that
would like to dabble in a bit of everything, this mare will certainly fit the bill!
"Julies Royal Playboy"  2004 AQHA Gelding  14.2hh
(Playboys Badge  X  Araujo Silver Julie)
SOLD! Congratulations to Laura of New Woodstock, NY!

This is a seriously broke little gelding! Playboy is a son of Playboys Badge and out of a daughter of Royal Silver King.
If you want to pen and sort and appreciate a LOT of handle, here is your guy!
Playboy can really turn around. He is quick on his feet, responsive, and VERY handy! This is a fun horse to ride for
the individual who appreciates speed and all the buttons! Horses broke like this guy can do any number of things.
Bred for cutting, this gelding knows cows and will make you proud penning & sorting. But this boy can certainly do
more than that! Take him out on the trail. This is a using horse that you can take out and enjoy. If barrels, poles,
and gymkhana in general interests you, Playboy has all the speed and agility that you need to be competitive. A great
game horse is, first and foremost, a very BROKE horse and this guy certainly qualifies!
We need to amend our writeup about this gelding a bit! When we were initially evaluating Playboy, he had way too
much handle and speed for us to recommend him for a beginner. However, since this gelding has been here and not
"hotrodded" around, he has become far more beginner-friendly than we ever imagined he would be. He has proven
himself to be a safe mount even for 5yr old Trevor. If you want the speed and quick maneuvering, all you have to do
is ask but after a great deal of evaluation, we have decided that this gelding clearly knows what kind of rider is on
his back and behaves accordingly (in a GOOD way!) This gelding really is appropriate for the whole family!
Playboy is sound and sane with no vices of any kind!
"Oakoboji Peppy Girl"  6yr Old AQHA Mare  14.2hh

SOLD! Congratulations to Rhonda!

What a fancy fancy little mare this is! Jingle is bred to work cows and look awfully good doing it! She is sired by a
son of Doc's Oak and out of a daughter of Peppys Boy 895. This mare has a nice little handle and an absolutely
GORGEOUS way of going. Decide which direction you would like to go in! She has a basic reining foundation on her and
is very soft in the bridle. While she has not yet been on cows, she is bred to know just what to do with them. Under
saddle, Jingle is smooth and pretty with speed if you want it and easy soft circles when it is time to go slow. She
works well off your legs and is a great minded girl. This mare was bred for reined cow horse work and could really
clean house in ranch pleasure as well. She'll make a nice little all around using horse for the rider who appreciates
having all the broke and pretty in one tidy package.

Jingle is DNA tested true black and is tested both HERDA & GBED N/N. Not only will this mare make an awfully nice
riding horse, she would certainly be a gorgeous addition to your broodmare string down the road.

This very kind little mare is suitable for a teenage 4Her to finish up and compete on. She is super easy to get along
with and is sound & sane with no vices of any kind.
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"Rambo Olena"  2009 Registered POA Gelding  14.1+hh
(The Ramblin Star Kid X Midge Olena)

Got color??? Rambo has plenty! This handsome POA gelding is cute from every angle! He has everything in the
right place from those cute little fox ears to his elegant neck to his perfectly round hip! This pony started
showing as a 3 yr old in the Midwest and has a good bit of experience under his belt as a 4H teenager's

Rambo has been a shown in both English & western pleasure in 4H and open show events. He has smooth gaits
and a super cute way of going. Rambo has had time off this season through no fault of his own so he is a bit
rusty (see video). We have priced him accordingly so take advantage! This little gelding has everything needed
to take your teenage 4Her to a string of blue ribbons next season! Rambo can frame up nicely with a cute
head set. His little lope is like a rocking chair and there is no pony quality in his jog - nice and smooth! This
guy backs nicely, sidepasses, turns on his haunches, and is started on patterns. Rambo has also been trail

In addition to his talents under saddle, Rambo is just a fun little horse to be around. He is "in your business"
the minute you walk into his paddock and could even be considered a bit of a pest at times. He is a big fan of
attention! In a herd dynamic, Rambo just fits in. Whether it is a herd of grouchy mares or widely varied
group of geldings, Rambo just makes himself right at home!

This gelding is sound and sane with no vices. He has his Tentative Registration certificate with the POA
association. Rambo measures 14.1 1/2hh with shoes on so he is considered "oversize" by POA guidelines and
will receive pink Permanent ID Papers from the association when his papers are advanced.
"A Peppy Girl"  2002 AQHA Mare  14.3hh
(Peppys Boy 895 X Araujo Silver Julie)

This is one STUNNING mare with all the handle & try you could ask for. Gator was started in cutting then
brought along as a team penning & ranch sorting horse. She is a LOT of fun to ride with plenty of cow sense!
If you are looking for an athletic horse to enjoy & compete on and want to look good doing it, this is your girl!

Gator is sired by NCHA Super Stakes sire Peppys Boy 895 and out of a daughter of NCHA Futurity
Champion, Royal Silver King.

Gator is very well broke and easy to ride. She has a big motor and a big stop when you ask for it. She has a
good mouth, a solid neckrein, and is right at home working from her haunches. Gator just weaned a foal and
went back to work like she never missed a day. She is a good using horse that is sound and sane with no vices.

A horse like this mare is not limited solely to cow work! Gator has all the handle & talent to compete in
gymkhana events, the versatility to perform in ranch horse competition, and the sensibility to hack out on the
trails. Come meet her in person!