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"Jackie Highbrow"  2003 AQHA Mare   14hh
(Dudes Highbrow Joe X Sally Lou Baron)

There's just something about little red mares! Isn't she a pretty thing?!?! Jackie is one awfully pretty cow bred
AQHA Mare with everything in the right place and all the pretty a person could want. She is an AWESOME trail
mount and will go anywhere you want all by herself or in a group. Point her head and she'll take you there!
Water, wildlife, traffic, mud, hills, dogs, atvs - we've thrown it all at her and the mare is truly an unflappable
trail horse. Fall is here and it is time to get out and enjoy the cooler weather and gorgeous autumn colors.
Jackie is the mare to do it with. This is a nice mare to work with and around. She tacks up quietly and rides off
with no nonsense. Sound & Sane. No vices of any kind. She's raised foals (and actually just weaned one!) but this
mare is far too young to spend the rest of her days just raising babies. She needs to be enjoyed under saddle!
Arena work is fairly new to this mare but Chris is putting her through her paces in the ring every day and will
continue until she is sold. She is a fast learner and very willing. There could be a little more in this mare's
future than trail riding if you want to play with her a bit!
***Please note that Jackie does have an old fence injury on the right side of her neck. It is purely cosmetic but
it is there and must be mentioned. We have her mane moved over in her photos so that it is visible. ****

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"Bling"  10yr old Grade Paint Ranch Mare  14.2+hh


What a fun mare to have around! Bling is handy broke with all the eye appeal you could ask for. Superb on the
trails, this mare is perfect for the serious trail rider that also likes to play in weekend ranch and/or playday
competitions. TEENAGER HORSE DELUXE!!!! We all wanted one of these when we were 16!!! Water, mud, rough
terrain, wildlife - she handles it all without batting an eye. This mare willingly goes out alone or in a group. She
does rope (we don't have cattle here so we improvised with Chris practicing some trick roping). Sound, sane, no
vices. Good in her stall, excellent ground manners, ties, cross ties, sprays, clips, bathes, trailers, tacks up quietly.
This mare has a lot of ride and is not for a beginner but she sure is fun for the intermediate or better rider!
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"Ned"  9yr old Grade Paint Gelding   14hh

SOLD! Congratulations to Gail in New Hampshire!

Ned is definitely not one of the fanciest horses here but he surely is one of the brokest. This is one seriously
broke dude that is fun and safe to ride! Ned goes both English & western and works great in the ring. If you
have a lesson program or a 4Her, this gelding may very well be just the horse for you! Not only does Ned
ride great, he is a love on the ground and easy to work with. A friendly horse, Ned will come to you anywhere
in the pasture and he gets along well with all of his herdmates too. Ned will stand tied or crosstied for as
long as you ask and he is excellent to work with and around. Great stall manners too! Ned is sound & sane with
no vices. This gelding is a GREAT size with his stocky build! He does trail ride but really prefers to be out
with a friend or two rather than all by himself on the trails. He'll go willingly alone without any big objection
but he will whinny when he realizes he is the only horse in the woods.
"LF Hancocks Starlit"  2011 AQHA Mare  Currently 15.1+hh
(Speedy Roan Hancock  X  Zacks Leo Tess)

Katie is a GORGEOUS girl and for the life of us, we simply cannot get a single photo that does this mare a
shred of justice. She is elegant with a kind eye and a little bit of growing left to do (we expect she'll gain
another 1/2" or so). While she is a young mare, Katie has a great brain and a very sensible nature so please
do not let her age deter you. Horses with minds like this are old souls in young bodies!  There are so many
directions to go with this mare!  Katie is a STAR on the trails and roadside. She very willingly goes out alone
and has yet to be phased by anything we have encountered. Water, mud, hills, rocky terrain, deer, rabbits,
atvs, dogs, traffic - Katie doesn't bat an eye at any of it. While she is as solid a trail mount as you will
find, this mare has other talents!  What a MOVER this mare is!  Katie has a lovely floating trot with a huge
stride. She is working well in the arena in a snaffle bit (first day with copper inlay in her video!) and has as
much try as you could possibly ask for in a youngster. Katie is smart and so easy to work with. She would be
stunning under English tack.  Because we had the barrels set up, Chris went ahead and introduced Katie to the
pattern. She is a quick study and it seems like she would take to barrels just fine!  This mare is sound and
sane with no vices of any kind. She has EXCELLENT ground & stall manners as well.  Please come by and see
her in person. You will not be disappointed.
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"Pocosbrowniedelight"  4yr old Registered AQHA Mare  15.1hh
(Chip Rodder X Poco Tatos Brownie)

FOR SALE $6200

Ranch Pleasure anyone? Wow! This mare is just picture perfect from every angle whether she's hanging out in the
pasture or working under saddle. Delilah is a show stopper and the kind of horse that ANYONE would be darned
proud to own. She is not only beautiful to look at, this mare has a delightful disposition and is very easy to get
along with. She is a gorgeous mover under saddle and will excel in the Ranch Pleasure classes as well as Western
Dressage. While her training focus has been primarily western, Delilah can trot out nicely as well. She is as
smooth a ride as you could ask for with an easy jog and a correct, rocking horse lope. Soft & supple under
saddle, this mare works beautifully off of your legs and is a very willing partner. As an added bonus, not only is
this mare ready to hit the shows, she trail rides phenomenally well! Delilah is quite content to hack out alone and
see the sights. She goes through water and handles wildlife, hills, atvs, and traffic like a pro! EXCELLENT ground
manners, sound, no vices of any kind. You don't find horses like this mare every day! Give us a call if you're in
the market to own one seriously fancy horse with a superb disposition!
"Henry"  6yr old Grade Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding    14hh


Great things come in short, chunky, gaited packages! Henry is soooo much fun to ride whether you re bombing
around in the ring or hitting the trail. This sweet gelding is smooth gaited and a pleasure to work with and ride.
Impeccable ground manners, Henry can be caught anywhere and is very quiet to work around. He'll hang out in the
cross ties patiently for as long as you ask him to and tacks up quietly. Under saddle, Henry motors along very
honestly. He is easy to pilot and there are no tricks to riding him. Point and go. EXCELLENT whoa. No spook, no
bolt, no nonsense. This gelding goes out alone willingly, crosses water, and is sure footed. Safe for anybody but
he does move along at a good clip so not for the rider who wants to poke along slowly! Sound & sane with no vices.
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Shez So Scandalous   2005 APHA/PtHA Sorrel Overo Mare   15.2+hh
(Socketts Extention X Phoenix Sun)

SOLD!  Phoenix is heading north to Maryland! Congrats to her new owner!

This is one BIG mare that can easily pack the larger riders on the trail! Phoenix is is a beast of a girl and
makes one heck of a husband horse! This horse loves to trail ride and she'll go wherever you point her.
Watch her video! Chris had a bridle malfunction partway through his ride and when he emerged from the
woods on the far side of the pond, he was riding Phoenix bridleless - that is how he finished his trail ride.
She crosses water and mud, handles hills and uneven terrain just fine, and is also traffic safe. Smooth under
saddle with a great lope and a solid neckrein. This mare is a former show horse and if you enjoy hitting the
trails on one with ALL the bells and whistles, here she is. She sure isn't hard to look at either! Phoenix has
shown HUS, western pleasure, halter, and showmanship. While she is still perfectly content (and more than
competitive enough) to return to the showmanship and/or halter scene, this mare really has had it with rail
classes. She is sick of riding around and around in circles and is ready to leave the rail and hit the trails.
Phoenix is big, pretty, as correct as they come, and really not difficult to get along with. She is great in the
pasture setting with both geldings and mares and catches easily wherever she is. Her stall manners are also
good. If you're looking for a solid trail mount that will make you stand out in a crowd, here she is! If you're
looking for a show horse, please don't ask us about Phoenix. Sometimes horses get tired of their job and
that's the case here. Yes, you can make her go around and look fabulous but she truly has grown to hate it.
There is simply no reason to force her. She is a great trail horse and would also be one heck of an addition
to your APHA breeding program! This mare is priced accordingly so take advantage! Sound. No Vices.
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Santana Bar Lynx  2005 AQHA Buckskin Gelding  13.3hh
(Taris Magia X Doc Blonde Bar)

SOLD! Congratulations to Linda!

This gelding is about as picture perfect as they come. Santana is just GORGEOUS all the way around. If you are
looking for a fun all around trail and playday horse, here he is! Don't let his height fool you. Santana is a solidly
built gelding and carries an average size rider just fine. He's bred to be a little working horse and that's just
what he is (Doc Tari, Peppy San Doc's Lynx). Push cattle with him, swing a rope off of him, trail ride him
literally anywhere, and if you're looking for something to do one weekend, hit up the local jackpot and try him on
the barrels. We haven't seriously patterned him here but he's been around the cans a time or two and he likes
it! With lots of speed and handle, you can open Santana up on the flat stretches down the trail and match race
your friends. When its over (and you've won), bring him back to a walk with no muss and no fuss. He doesn't
get hot and stupid. Santana rides out alone or in a group and he can be anywhere in the group and be content.
Water, hills, rocky terrain, wildlife - he handles it all.

If you want to polish one up to hit the ranch pleasure shows with next season or perhaps that ever elusive large
pony size English mount, don't overlook this gelding. Santana is a VERY pretty mover and profiles nicely on the
rail. He has lots of reach and collects the way he should.

Sound, sane, no vices, shod all around to handle whatever terrain you ride on. Easy to catch, great in his stall,
and a friendly guy! Santana is not a beginner's horse - intermediate or better riders please. He is too broke for
the novice rider.