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"Sherlock"  9yr old Grade Appaloosa Gelding  15.1hh


If blending in with the crowd is not your style, Sherlock should be right up your alley! This boy is LOUD
colored and gorgeous! We are so sad that there was no sun to be had on photo day because these photos don't
even begin to capture how handsome he really is!

Sherlock has been used as a jumping horse and this guy jumps BIG. (Those of you who know me know that I
do NOT jump but we just could not pass this guy up!) Sherlock is a brave and bold guy under saddle so cross
country fans, take a good look! This guy likes the trails too and would work quite well for hunter pace riders.

On the ground, anybody can handle Sherlock. This guy is a sweetheart to work with and around. Easy to
catch, always a gentleman on the lead, ties, cross ties, clips, sprays, trailers, tacks quietly. He doesn't
fidget and is a patient guy. Under saddle, Sherlock comes alive and is ready to go. He will walk along quietly
on a loose rein but if you are trotting, he is hoping to canter and when you canter, he is a strong moving guy
that can cover some ground. Our video doesn't really showcase him well but we have to work with what we
have. Going around in circles in the ring under western tack is really not this boy's thing at all and he was a
pretty good sport about it!

While he has been used exclusively as an English riding and jumping horse, we think that Sherlock could take
quite readily to games as well. He is responsive and certainly has the engine and handle required of a playday
horse. Sherlock is clean legged with good bone, nice feet, and solid conformation. He is sound and sane with
no vices of any kind.

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"What About Lunch"  1999 AQHA Gelding   16.1+hh
(What About Mr Bob  X  As How Nice)       

Big, pretty, talented, friendly, safe, sane, sound! You really just can't ask for much more in a gelding! Elliot is an
overgrown Labrador that knows his job inside the ring and out. He has been there and done that. No spook and no
nonsense. This gelding has been used for lessons, rides English & western, has done some jumping, and loves to
trail ride. If you are looking for a big fun guy that can sit and then ride off like he hasn't missed a day, this is
your boy!
This gelding has a HUGE stride and is very smooth. He is a bit lazy in the ring so good legs and a little set of
spurs aren't a bad idea to get the most out of this guy on the rail. Out on the trail, Elliot moves out easily. He
seems to enjoy hacking out and is a solid mount to enjoy the scenery with.
This gelding will make an excellent horse for a timid rider. He has a superb disposition, all the pretty a person
could ask for, and years of experience. He really is the whole package!  Elliot is HYPP N/N and has no vices.
We have owned Elliot for months and have ridden him in multiple strange settings - NOTHING phases this guy. He
is as safe as they come with a disposition that nobody can resist. If you want a SAFE and competitive mount for
your child, this guy is it. You don't find horses like Elliot every day!
"Mary"  5yr old Grade Tennessee Walking Horse Mare    15hh

SOLD! Congratulations to Rosie from Islip, NY!

Mary is one of the sweetest mares a person could ask for! This beautiful girl has a SUPERB personality and is just
a doll to work with and around. QUIET QUIET QUIET on the ground. Mary comes to you in the pasture, stands in
the cross ties all day, and tacks up perfectly. She is sensible, laid back, and really not bothered by much of
anything. Clips, sprays, easy to deworm, trailers perfectly.

Under saddle, Mary does liven up a bit and really covers some ground! She stands beautifully at the mounting block
and, once her rider is ready, Mary is ready to head out and RIDE! Even her flat walk is ground covering! When you
kick it up a notch and Mary gaits along, it is as smooth a ride as you will find! She does canter under saddle as
well and that is truly a rocking chair experience! This mare is a sensible trail horse that will go out alone. She
hasn't had a ton of traffic experience but she handled big trucks very sensibly for us (see video). Remember, this
is a young mare so she is only going to get better!
Mary is barefoot and does just fine. She is sound and sane with no vices. While we are confident that anyone can
handle this mare on the ground, she isn't appropriate for just anybody under saddle only because she really does
move out. That kind of forward movement can be unnerving for the more timid rider.

If you are looking for a very pretty gaited horse at a fantastic price, check this young mare out!
"Nimble Hollyberry"  2005 AQHA Mare  14.2hh               (Holly Woody  X  Jacnimble Dances)
Attention reining horse fans!!! This is one seriously pretty mare with a reining pedigree that is rather impressive.
Her sire, Holly Woody, is an NRHA Limited Open World Champion and Intermediate Open Reserve World Champion.
Her dam is a daughter of Reserve World Champion, The Jac Be Nimble.
This mare has a solid start in reining and reining basics will carry over well to many disciplines. Holly's reining
training was never completed through no fault or shortcoming on her part. This mare sat around for a couple of
years and has picked up right where she left off. What a good-minded girl. No buck, no nonsense. Holly is all
business under saddle. She packs her face where she was taught to and does exactly what is asked of her the
moment your foot hits the stirrup. This mare has got a BIG motor and can stop HUGE. When you ask Holly to turn
on the speed for that sliding momentum, sit deep! Likewise, when you want to lope slower, she is happy to oblige.
Holly's weakest reining component is her spin. She turns properly on her haunches but lacks the speed and finesse
she needs to be a complete reining package.
Holly is sound and sane with no vices. Because this mare spent a few years as a pasture ornament, you are not
getting a horse with blown legs from heavy use. She is fresh and will be a good sound using horse for a long time!
Holly has hacked out on trails and has also been used to move cattle around in the pasture setting. She is a
sensible mare with no spook that is very easy to get along with on the ground or under saddle.

This beautiful mare will work well in a variety of situations. If you are looking for a reining project to play with &
finish up, she is a worthy investment. If you like to trail ride, Holly will certainly get you noticed at Otter Creek!
Those who enjoy ranch pleasure competition would also find this mare to be a good fit. No matter what direction
you take this mare in, you will always look good sitting on her!
"Kellies Impulse"  2009 AQHA Appendix Mare  16hh
(Deluxe Impulse  X  Viking Storm TB)

Kelly is a beautiful mare whether she is standing in the pasture or under saddle. While she looks black and is
referred to as "the black mare" by folks who see her, Kelly is technically brown. Black, brown, or sky-blue-pink,
this is a good looking horse that will get you noticed!

Kelly was started for western pleasure and she can certainly continue in that direction. However, when we ride her
here, we can't help but feel that Kelly belongs in English tack. This mare moves right out with big trot when asked.
She is a very nice mover that profiles beautifully. Kelly has an easy way of going and is uncomplicated to ride. She
works well in the ring and has been hacked out on the trail as well. She is a level-headed mount in either situation.
Take this horse in whatever direction you choose. Continue prepping her for a show career in HUS and WP or perhaps
consider taking this mare to the hunter ring. Kelly has a solid foundation and is ready to find her specialty!

This mare has good bone, nice feet, and clean legs. She is very correct with all of the eye appeal that a person
could want. Sound, sane, no vices of any kind.
"Mr Blues Valentine"  2006 Red Dun Mare  14.2hh
(Bonnets Goldwood X Juliets Sand)
SOLD! Congratulations Sabrina!

Every horse should be as much fun to ride as this red dun girl! There is absolutely nothing that we do not love about
Valentine! She is VERY broke, VERY sweet, VERY easy to get along with, and VERY stout! This mare is as wide as she
is tall. She is a solidly built using Quarter Horse with excellent bone and feet. Valentine is bred, built, and broke to
work. Horses with a handle like this can do just about anything.
Valentine will trail ride anywhere you point her. She has team penned and sorted and has been pasture roped off of.
While this mare has an excellent handle, she is not so quick or catty that she will unseat a more novice rider.
Valentine is that rare combination of extremely well broke but still novice user friendly! She is youth appropriate for
the child looking to enter ranch competitions, pennings/sortings, cowboy challenges, etc. This mare does whatever is
asked of her and does it well.
While Valentine is easy to ride, she is by no means a pokey plug. If you ask this mare to dig and move, she fires up
her big engine and will turn right on. When you're done, sit deep for a big stop, drop your reins, and this mare will
walk off quietly.
Even though Valentine is on the shorter side, her very generous build takes up a whole lot of leg so taller riders,
don't be afraid of looking awkward on this mare! Valentine is sane and sound with no vices. When she is in heat, she
rides and handles the same - always always a good girl!