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"Gambler"  6yr old Grade Buckskin Overo Gelding  15hh


I (Bridget) am not a fan of bald faces or of blue eyes but even I am completely taken by this handsome guy!
Meet Gambler! This gelding has just the right amount of chrome in all the right places! He will trail ride
wherever you point him and look darned good doing it! This gelding goes out alone or in a group, crosses mud and
water, and isn't phased by much. His ground manners are very good and he is a sweet guy whether in his stall,
in the cross ties, or in the pasture. He is sane, sound, and has no vices. Take him just the way he is and enjoy
the trails or put some polish on him and give him a job in the arena. Gambler doesn't have all the bells and
whistles of a finished arena horse but he has the basics and a great mind. He direct reins and goes
walk/jog/lope on the trail without hesitation. Working in the arena is new for him but he's learning to carry
himself on a circle quite nicely (see end of video). Chris has introduced the rope to him and he's handling that
very well also. The future is bright for this gorgeous boy and he'll be a willing partner with a lot of heart. This
is a gelding you will be proud to ride!

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"Bling"  10yr old Grade Paint Ranch Mare  14.2+hh


What a fun mare to have around! Bling is handy broke with all the eye appeal you could ask for. Superb on the
trails, this mare is perfect for the serious trail rider that also likes to play in weekend ranch and/or playday
competitions. TEENAGER HORSE DELUXE!!!! We all wanted one of these when we were 16!!! Water, mud, rough
terrain, wildlife - she handles it all without batting an eye. This mare willingly goes out alone or in a group. She
does rope (we don't have cattle here so we improvised with Chris practicing some trick roping). Sound, sane, no
vices. Good in her stall, excellent ground manners, ties, cross ties, sprays, clips, bathes, trailers, tacks up quietly.
This mare has a lot of ride and is not for a beginner but she sure is fun for the intermediate or better rider!
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"Leo Black Valentine"  2013 AQHA Mare  15hh
(Jerk Down X Leo Blue Valentine)
SOLD! Congratulations to Jeff (and Madison!) in sunny south Florida!

If you love Hancock and Blue Valentine breeding, this gorgeous black mare has got it in spades top and
bottom. Viper comes from a long-time breeding program that has consistently produced solid using horses
which excel in roping and barrels. This well put together filly is no exception. She is VERY well started under
saddle and has been introduced (slowly and correctly) to the barrel pattern. Viper shows plenty of promise as
a future barrel horse should you choose to continue in that direction with her.
This mare was started the way a young horse should be and she has plenty of talent. Viper is solid
walk/jog/lope with a big stop and easy back up. She sidepasses in both directions and is working very well in
the bridle. Viper's under saddle training has not been limited to the ring. This pretty girl has been taken out
on the trail a good deal both alone and in a group. She has been exposed to mud, water crossing, hills, rocky
terrain, and plenty of wildlife. Viper is sound with no vices. While she is currently sporting summer highlights
courtesy of the North Carolina sun, this mare is naturally a GORGEOUS black color and really turns heads. If
you're looking for a youngster with solid breeding and a solid start in a pretty package, give us a call and
come meet her!
"Wenloch Miss Houdini"  2013 AQHA Mare  Currently 14.3+hh
(Whodini  X  Miss Cha Ching)

FANCY, well bred, well broke, and with a great personality! This is Miss Lily the Filly and she is ready to
take you far in the pen! She is sired by Haverty Ranch's "Whodini" who needs no introduction. Scope out his
show record and statistics
HERE. Check out this mare's pedigree! Who Whiz It, Gunner, Doc's Solano - When
you're done showing her, what a broodmare she'll be!

VERY well started in reining, Lily is perfectly suited to the rider who wants to seriously compete in ranch
horse competition. This is an incredibly sane 2yr old and you do NOT have to be a mechanic to ride her. She
is amateur/older youth friendly with minimal trainer assistance needed to be competitive. Started right and
very honest, Lily is a smooth ride with good transitions, a solid stop, and a great mouth. She is well started
on changes and her spins are coming along nicely. While this mare will certainly hold her own in reining if her
training is kept on track, we think she will rock several facets of ranch horse competition and be a star in the
ranch pleasure.
Photos do not do this girl a shred of justice. She is gorgeous with everything in the right place. She's bodied
up nicely at 2 and she's only going to get bigger & better. Lily is pretty from every single angle. To top it all
off, this mare has a really cool disposition. She is inquisitive and friendly and tries very hard to please. This
is not a mare that gets longed for an hour before you ride - tack her up and go and it doesn't matter if
she's sat around for a few days. Even though she's young, she is consistent. Sound & sane, no vices. UTD all
the way around vaccines, teeth, feet.
"Ebony's Magic Bandit"  15yr old Registered TWH Gelding  15.3+hh


This guy stands just 1/2 shy of 16hh (and yes, he is black but sporting some major summer highlights)

If you're looking for that big smooth riding gelding that will go all day, here he is! Bandit is a tall, handsome guy
with very smooth gaits. He willingly canters off and has a ground-covering stride. SUPERB on the trails, no spook,
goes out alone or in a group, crosses mud, crosses water, and handles rocky, rough, and hilly terrain beautifully.
Barefoot and sound! No vices. Tacks up quietly and has good stall manners. Bandit is not a timid person's horse as
he is forward moving under saddle and will get pushy on the ground if you allow it. He's a great horse for the
money and a very fun ride!
"Mary"  14yr old Grade Spotted Saddle Horse Mare  14.2+hh

SOLD! Congratulations to Colby & Family!

Look at this fancy girl! Mary is a gorgeous bay tobiano SSH mare that stands 1/2" over 14.2hh. Easy to handle
both on the ground and under saddle, Mary is a fun ride to hit the trails with this summer! This mare trail rides
alone without objection, is fabulous in a group, crosses water, and is a solid trail riding citizen. She is smooth
under saddle and gaits along easily. Mary does not get hot and has a great mouth - she direct reins and neck
reins and goes in a plain snaffle or an Argentine (western snaffle). Sound & sane, no vices. Clips, sprays, bathes,
trailers well, tacks up quietly.

In the ring or on the trail, this is a nice little mare for just about anyone to ride. If you know the basics, you
should be able to get along with her just fine. Mary is traffic safe and is a true packer for your company when
they visit. She is every bit as kind as she is pretty!